Reference Horses


ApHC #495078

1990 black leopard stallion

Appaloosa X Appaloosa (35 years)

75 Foundation numbers in pedigree

Bred by John and Alice Pratt of Sweet Home, Oregon

  Kemos Fire Shadow   Mindoka Snowy Britches   Snake Rivers Bonanza
  Smokey Rock
  Kemos Kaprice   Thunders Kemosabe
  Centaur Ota Onspa
 Pratts C Girls Im   Pratts Sully Saska   Sullys Chavelle
  Saska Chiquita
  Pratt Chelse Girl   Dun Roven Chelseas Image



 ApHC #649919
2007 tri-colour leopard stallion
Appaloosa X Appaloosa FPD 100 %
Trace's back to Frank Scripter, Ulrich, Money Creek
Includes Roi-Eclat Nonpareil, it was the best horse Frank ever bred, he said
Bred by Ray & Irina Weese of Basin, Wyoming

  Revel Soquili   Roi-Eclat Nonpareil   Solar Flair Eclat
  Rockalena Too
  Toppers Princess   Appachie Topper M.
  Frosty's Queen
  WAR Nightwinds Dove   WAR Tobys Nightwind   Pratt Toby Secret
  Ulrich's Beauty
  Pratt Saska Image   KC Choc Chip "CC"
  Pratt Bucky Image



 ApHC #586061
1999 to 2017 bay leopard stallion
Appaloosa X Appaloosa FPD 100 %
Bred by Josef Zikmund of Laschinky, Czech Republic

  Indignant Illusion   Kaniksus Katracks   Kaniksu's Spots
  Kaniksu's Tobyaina
  SS Still There   Simcoe's Pataha
  SS Stillwater
  Yodies Eagle Print  Toby Blue Yodeler   Eagle's Yodeler
  Blue Birdwoman
 Tum-A-Leers Dee   Tum A Leers Dusty
  Coma's Many Spring's



 ApHC #528776
1994 to 2018
black leopard stallion
Appaloosa X Appaloosa FPD 93 %
Bred by Verna Roberts of Lyons, Oregon

  Kaniksus Katracks   Kaniksu's Spots   Prince Solid Joker
  Satters Sass
  Kaniksu's Tobyaina   Kaniksus Knobby
  SS Still There   Simcoe's Pataha   Storm Cloud F
  Simcoes Snow Crest
  SS Stillwater   XRS War Bonnet
  Running Water



 ApHC #458276
1987 to 2011 tri-colour leopard stallion
Cheyenne came out directly from Ulrich breeding program
Below: Cheyenne with Deb Stubblefield from Rafter DS Ranch
Bred by Don and Mary Ulrich of Powell, Wyoming

  Ulrich's Monarch   Ulrichs Many Coups   Navajos Candy
  Simcoes Weeping Willow
  Ulrich Sue Kay   Ulrich's Rakush
  Ulrich Sioux Kiten
  Ulrich Ballerina   Ulrich's Rakush   Ben Buzz
  Chub's Queen
  URU Bens Princess   Ben Buzz
  Sonny's Leo Question



ApHC F-209
Red Eagle a legend in his own time.
1946 to 1971  Red roan, white with bay spots over loin and hips;
 Bred by Claude J. Thompson of Moro, Oregon

 Ferras (AHC)   Ferdin   Nureddin
  Rasima   Daoud
  Rose of Hide
  Painter's Marvel F-47   Painter III F-8   Ferras (AHC)
  Marvel's Angel F-4
  Snowflake F-2   Old Painter



 ApHC #542852  FAHR  #1
1995 to 2018 
black leopard stallion;
  Bred by Frank Scripter

Solar Flair Eclat   Coyotes Apache   Little Coyote
  PJ S Pet
  Angel Many Spots   Chubs Powderface
  Money Creeks Leopard Angel
  Rockalena Too   Chubs Powderface   Chubby Pawnee
  Black Maggie
  Money Creeks Rockalena   Money Creeks Rockledge
  Rainbow Two